Sheki cuisine reflects the culture of the cuisine, its history, the psychology of the table, customs, hygiene, ethics, and other aspects. It harmoniously conveys the practical habits developed by the Azerbaijani people in the territories where they have historically lived in complete harmony with the environment.

If you want to be in touch with all this harmony, then these features are offered to you by Kungut Hotel.

Delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs from completely natural products, smiling staff, high service, excellent quality, and affordable prices are at your service.

We invite you to the most charming hotel in Sheki to spend your personal days and pleasant moments.

Speaking about the wonders created by nature, it is impossible not to note the stunning view of our hotel, which impresses with its charming and attractive beauty. The mysterious nature of our city, distinguished by its natural resources and cultural heritage, can be observed only from the Kyungyut Hotel, located in the mountains and in the forest.

From the windows opening to the horizon, looking at the sky, listening to the sound of the river, touching, as if talking to nature, inspires a person.

In our gazebos located in the forest, there is a special aroma of samovar tea... We invite you to the restaurant of our hotel, located in an unusual geographical location, which will be remembered by guests with a magnificent view at all times of the year.

As always, your vacation, our work!